Avocados - Reed 5 Pak

Avocados - Reed 5 Pak

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Five fresh California Reed avocados hand picked to order. 

Double boxed and packed in a fine wood excelsior padding. 

The perfect avocado gift box. 

The Reed avocado is a summertime variety that extends 
into late fall.  Reeds are available for a limited time only
Because they are in season for just a short time, we will ship 
Reeds during the months of August, September,and October.
It is a large, round fruit that is known for it's softball shape.  
During their prime, this variety tastes excellent.  It is rarely 
available and hard-to-find in stores.  
The Reed is excellent for slicing and is a great addition to 
any meal.  One of the more favorite uses is as a complete 
meal substitute.  The size of this fruit and the round shape 
make it conducive for a make-shift bowl.  Remove the pit 
and fill the center with any favorite ingredients and enjoy.

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