The Mobile Market Doorstep Service

What is a Mobile Market?

A truck filled with farm fresh produce, dairy and much more comes to your door.
With the help of a Farmer Ben's driver you select from a wide variety of locally sourced, farm fresh items including fruits, vegetables and dairy.
Fill a box of fresh items of your choosing.


Mobile Market FAQs

How does scheduling and payment work?
By clicking the link above you will be directed to our scheduler platform run by Acuity. You can choose a date and time and how many boxes you would like.
Can I make multiple appointments?
Absolutely. Simply click on all the the dates and times that fit your schedule, order a quantity of boxes and we will be there ready to fill your box.
Which regions do you service? 
Currently we service North County San Diego and Temecula to Hemet. We are planning to rapidly expand.
Can I make an appointment location for anywhere? My office my home?
Yes. Tell us where and we will bring the Mobile Market to you.
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards and paypal online (min $40). You can purchase more items at our appointment with cash or credit card (we always have great surprise products every week).
Can I cancel an appointment?
Yes. Within your confirmation email there is an option to cancel and/or reschedule. You can also request a refund via email.
What kind of items does the Mobile Market have?
Items will vary depending on season and availability. There will always be a core of staples similar to the produce section in a supermarket.
Click the link below to find out whats in the mobile market this week.
Whats in the Market this week?
Where do the produce and dairy come from?
We work very hard to find, source, and maintain relationships with local farms in Southern California to bring you the produce you know and love as well as unique and interesting finds that reflect the diversity of our California foods.
Are Mobile Market items organic?
Whenever possible we include organic products. All the farmers we partner with farm in a responsible and safe manner in order to bring us the freshest and healthiest produce possible.
How big is the box? How much food can fit inside?
The box is a medium size produce box. When full it usually holds over 20lbs of produce. This typically lasts a family of 4 for about a week.